10 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks to Help You Maintain the Quality Home of Your Dreams

10 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks to Help You Maintain the Quality Home of Your Dreams

For many folks, the kitchen is the messiest room in their home. It’s the location where people whip up dishes in grimy pots and pans, consume their favorite foods and drop crumbs everywhere, and leave their dirty dishes and kitchen scraps lying around. The kitchen never seems spotless, does it?

If you’re sick and tired of a crummy, messy kitchen with a stench that seems to never go away, you’ll be relieved to know that there are a number of great kitchen hacks you can engage in that will allow you to gain confidence in your kitchen’s aesthetic, aromatic, and microbial components.

Wash dishes as you dirty them.

Everyone likes clean dishes, but nobody wants to go through the trouble of cleaning them. The best method to clean your dishes is to clean them as you go, whether this is handwashing each dish as you use it or rinsing each dish and placing it in the dishwasher to later be turned on.

This method of washing dishes will waste the least amount of time out of your day, contribute less stench in your kitchen, and ensure your dishes won’t suffer from annoying, stuck-on stains.

Place a cotton ball in your trash can.

Nothing says “Welcome home” like a fresh-smelling space, but if your kitchen’s garbage can is ruining the mood, something needs to be done pronto. Sometimes taking out the trash isn’t always a relevant option, especially if it isn’t full. However, placing a cotton ball dipped in an aromatic essential oil in your trash can, you can quickly fix the stench.

Cut through tough kitchen messes with a microwaved cleaning rag.

If you have to dig your nails into stuck-on stains and crumbs on your kitchen surfaces, you’re doing it wrong. Instead, simply dampen a cleaning rag, microwave it until it’s hot, and then tackle those pesky kitchen messes like a pro. The warmth of the rag will surely loosen up even the toughest of stains and hardest, stickiest of food bits and pieces.

Opt for ultra-concentrated dishwasher soap.

Get cleaner dishes naturally with ultra-concentrated dishwasher soap. With these special soaps, you can be confident that your dishes won’t be left cloudy or stained with leftover food particles. Having an ultra-concentrated soap doesn’t just mean cleaner dishes but less work on your end to rid of the gunk your dishes have accumulated.

Clean your glass baking dishes with used aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil is not cheap. To make things worse, once the foil is used, it’s pretty much worthless. However, you can give your used aluminum foil another purpose by using it to clean the stuck-on food from your fusible glass baking dishes. Just crumble up your piece of foil, add dish soap and a bit of water, and scrub away!

Keep your cabinets clean with shelf liner.

You’d think with sterilized dishes and a closed cabinet door most of the time that your cabinet shelves would stay nice and clean. However, this isn’t always the case. With pans with rusty bottoms and dirty hands reaching into those cabinets, lining your cabinets with a quality shelf liner could not be a more genius kitchen hack.

Get rid of a smelly sink with lemon juice and baking soda.

It’s not just your kitchen trash that stinks. Chances are, your kitchen sink doesn’t smell too pleasant either with all of that dirt and grim it houses. Our solution? Pour hot water down your drain, followed by a cup of baking soda. Then finish off with a cup of lemon juice. This will break down the gunk in your drain while leaving a fresh scent.

According to Healthy Cleaning 101, baking soda is also a great, natural ingredient to use to deodorize refrigerators and freezers with food odors.

Clutter everywhere? Consolidate everything in a laundry basket.

The laundry basket method involves gathering all the clutter in your space that’s out of place to make it easier to put everything away where it belongs. That hair tie on your kitchen floor, random notepad on your counter, and a book lying on your kitchen island? They don’t belong! Place these items, along with other non-kitchen items in your basket.

While the laundry basket method is designed to make it easier and more convenient when it comes to placing items in the room where they belong, this is also a great hack to quickly gather up unnecessary belongings and place them in another room temporarily if you’re having guests come over very soon.

Renew your wooden cabinetry with a polish of coconut oil.

Over the years, your wooden cabinets can start to look dull and dingy. However, rubbing coconut oil with a damp rag directly onto your wooden surfaces, you can have shinier cabinets in an instant. According to One Green Planet, polishing the wood with coconut oil also protects your surfaces, and not to mention, makes them smell better.

Use a toothbrush to clean your sink’s splash guard.

If your sink still stinks after cleaning your kitchen drain, there might be one place you haven’t thought to look like the source of the stink: under your sink’s splash guard. As useful as your splash guard is, nasty chunks of food and grease can certainly stink to the undersides of your guard, leaving the particles to decay and create an awful aroma.

However, a toothbrush (one that you plan not to use for your oral care needs) can be a great tool to help you clean your splash guard lickety-split.


A kitchen is a messy place, perhaps even messier than the bathroom. From stuck-on stains sticking to your dishes and kitchen countertops to stinky garbage disposal, the kitchen easily requires the most amount of cleaning among all rooms in the home. For most of us, keeping the kitchen spiffy and clean can really seem like a full-time job!

While your kitchen will never be spotless for more than half a day, the good news is that with the latter cleaning hacks, your kitchen will be cleaner, safer, easier to maintain, more beautiful, and less smelly and pest-friendly than ever before.

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