11 Trending Caps for Men to Wear for Summer (Best Cap Collection)

11 Trending Caps for Men to Wear for Summer (Best Cap Collection)

Don’t you think it becomes a little tough during summers to deal with the heat and keep your fashion on top side by side?

Well, only a few people know how to keep both things equally balanced. To keep your cool throughout the season you can shop for a few trending summer caps for men. If you have been following the latest trends closely you might be aware of the different styles available in caps and hats as well.

Those who haven’t been keen admirers of hats should definitely give it a shot one time. Once you try it out you will realize that these won’t just be a super savior from the scorching heat but will also add more to your summer look.

Plus you won’t have to settle for a particular design when you will be having a lot more options to choose from than before. So this summer add a little extra to your outfit and check out 11 trending caps for men:

Rugged Professional Cap by Carhartt

Whenever you talk about best caps for men there is no way you aren’t going to mention a baseball cap. Even if you are not too familiar with various cap types you might have heard about this one which is because of its popularity among people especially you are into sports.

Carhartt provides customers with a baseball cap with a net on its side. It also contains sweatbands for soaking away the sweat that prevents any bad smell to occur and since it dries out the sweat it becomes suitable to keep it on under the sun for a much longer period of time.

FabSeasons Summer Skull Caps

If you haven’t heard of a skull cap before it is as the name only suggests a type of cap that covers up the full head instead of just the top of it. FabSeasons offers a variety of designs in these caps for you to make your pick from. The best thing is you don’t even have to do put a lot of effort to find one nowadays because of the e-commerce market you can get yourself a skull cap online anytime.

Plus you cannot just purchase any desired item online you can also save a decent amount of money from it like when you buy a cap from Ounass store you can avail great discounts on purchasing your summer hat through Ounass Fashion Sale.

Lululemon Lightspeed Run Hat

What are the things that you look for in a cap that you buy for summers? Is the weight of the cap one of them? In case it isn’t then you certainly should consider it as in all the heat the last thing you would want is getting weighed down by your own outfit.

You can get a light weighted hat for yourself from Lululemon that designs ultra-light 4-way stretch caps that has interior mesh fabrics and sweatbands to draw off the sweat. Other than these the brim is always there to shade you from direct sun rays and you can customize the cap according to your right fit from the straps.  

X Routine Five-Panel Rally Hat by Adidas

People who are looking for a hat that will give them a modern and sporty look can buy a five-panel rally hat provided by Adidas. The hat’s all over style consists of a flat brim that has contrast under visor and it is an inside out hat that you can flip.

This the beauty of today’s fashion collection that you are hardly going to fall out of choices with a number of varied options listed already in styles, brands, and more. For example, if an individual feels like trying out some other design they can search for varying Adidas caps online and choose from it.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Bucket Hat

Either you can spend your entire summer wearing a hat that is the same old common style or you can step up and go for a different one this season. Are you willing to try a different style? The bucket hat by Tommy Hilfiger is a perfect choice for those who are. These bucket shaped hats are made of cotton.

The light print color on the hat will give you a casual funky look best suited for summers. When you will be out chilling with your family and friends you can complete your look with a bucket hat, t-shirt, and shorts.

Duckbill Running Caps by Patagonia

The duckbill running caps are netted on the backside so as to create space for air to pass out and to keep the heat from collecting. The hat’s front portion and the brim are made out of baggies fabric and the foam brim can also be folded to be kept in the pocket and can be reshaped when about to wear.

It is one of the coolest options in caps available because of its color choices, design, and effectiveness during summers. However, along with it, you can find many other stylish caps at cheap prices.

Norse Projects Seersucker Sports Cap

Although these caps haven’t have been seen in the market too often Seersucker sports caps are a good choice for the hot season. It is a 6-panel cap that is made with Japanese fabric and seersucker texture.  It has strips on it which is trending, therefore, will give you a classy look.

The hat is constructed in such a manner that it doesn’t allow the wearer to catch up too much heat and stay cool even in the heat. Its strap composes of self-fabric and contains tonal metal eyelets.

Airflex hat by Mack Weldon

For a quick dry kind of hat, you can straight away get yourself an Airflex hat by Mack Weldon. It is a light weighted cap with performance fabric. To maintain the hat’s breathability it has laser-cut panels on the side and mesh sweatband.

This hat type surely falls under the category of best summer hats for guys because of a few of the features that its design has which are important factors for summer wear.

Maple Mesa Caps

Fashion doesn’t necessarily mean wearing something funky or unique all the time. In terms of summer hat choices, the mesa caps listed on maple is the right reference. These caps are plain looking but are still stylish in a way.

The Japanese sourced linen ball cap consists of fusing lining that gives it a fair appearance. You can grab these in multiple soothing light solid colors. Wearing a mesa cap will keep your head breezy.

Snapback Hats by Two-Face

In case you have been wondering and are curious about a snapback hat you must know a snapback hat has comparatively flatter brim and is a 6-panel cap with an adjustable snap at the back of the head.

All the youngsters who are thinking of having a trending hat can check out the wide range of options available in snapbacks as with time these hats have gained much popularity among the youth.

Caliente Printed Caps

Do you like to put on cool colorful caps with creative things written on it? Well, Caliente which is one of the best luxury brands in UAE has a lot of such printed hats to offer to you. These are composed purely of cotton and polyester mesh back.

You can go through different embroideries on these light colored caps and buy one based on your interest. These are a regular wear cap that can blend in with your summer fashion.


This summer set your own style statement by choosing the right cap for your outfit from the numerous choices in stylish caps for men. Above given points are some of the trending summer caps that you can explore before your summer shopping begins.

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