5 Weird Places In Sri Lanka No One Should Visit

5 Weird Places In Sri Lanka No One Should Visit

Are you planning to tour Sri Lanka with your family? If so, the article isn’t exactly for you!

But if you happen to be planning to visit the country with your buddies, here is a review of 5 different places in Sri Lanka. We are going to focus on places which are fascinating and always unusual to visit especially if it is the first trip and one misguided by a trip advisor. Some of the worst places to visit include;


  • In boulder garden, we are going to narrow down to Boulder garden hotel. Well, here the rooms of the hotel are built on hillside and around boulders. It may take a tourist some days or even months to start liking this place. As people arrive in downpour and wade up a staircase containing torrent of water flowing downwards.
  • The rooms always seem gloomy and it has bare rock walls. In fact the rooms found at the lower section of the hotel are ever dark. It has no air on thus it can fell hot and humid.


  • Worst of all, toilets and bathrooms are not separated. This pays to get on well with your companion.


  • Here, we are going to focus on Avani Bentota resort and spa. Actually this place is wounding. Tourist who have visited this place before normally feel even ashamed to give a review on the same day. They better wait for the following day.
  • This property is an average one .It has poor food. The vegetarian selection is very poor indeed. The only meal which is manageable is the breakfast.
  • The worst here is tourist are being managed by locals who normally judge people using the physical appearance.



A tourist planning to explore Sinharaja forest normally chooses to stay here. The atmosphere is smart but the great problem is that food is not that impressive. Despite the poor quality food, the place is very expensive. Environmental health status is poor too. You may never like this place.


  • The name might be sweet. What about the place? First, the place has restaurant with 10 big rooms for renting. The greatest challenge is that rooms are extremely dark, this is as a result of high tress in the rainforest.
  • The rooms are not decorated yet if you clearly see, it is supposed to be decorated using some bright colors so as to compensate for absence of some natural light. Furthermore, the floor is black. Generally, the overall atmosphere is oppressive.


  • There is a restaurant which is located here. The rooms in this hotel are never clean and lack air conditioning.
  • In fact, the restaurant here is located under huge rock in the middle of the forest. Very cold. Actually nothing is interesting. To conclude, all the above 5 described places are found in Kalawana. Everything that has demerit has merits too. Some of the good features here includes; free high speed Wi-Fi to connect to internet, free ample parking, good swimming pool and wonderful airport transportation.

Anyone who feels like witnessing all this is free to acquire Sri Lanka visa and travel by air to Sri Lanka and you will have some reviews on places you will visit.

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