9 Alternative Ways to Use Alcohol (Besides Drinking it)

9 Alternative Ways to Use Alcohol (Besides Drinking it)

The first imagery that pops in our heads when someone says ‘alcohol’ is that big glass of chilled beer or a tiny yet powerful shot of jaggerbomb. 

Whatever your poison may be, a few millilitres of it can seem like the magic potion to solving all problems. Take it with a pinch of salt (tequila!) but sure alcohol can marvelously be used in everyday life without damaging the liver. Here are ten ways it can bring you cheer, drinking excluded.

Making alcohol ink art

Alcohol ink art

This one is a crazy good use of alcohol. And has just as hyponitizing an effective as drinking booze. Anyone who likes to experiment with art can try this meditative art form, without having to enroll in any special classes. All you need (as a beginner) is alcohol ink, isopropyl, Yupo or Nara papers, a dropper, straws, and good air blowing practice. I started working on my alcohol ink art having seen a few paintings on Instagram and Pinterest. Am addicted!

Making art or paintings using Alcohol ink

Lifting off tough stain

Just got yourself a designer bed sheet and ended up accidentally spilling coffee on it? Fret not! Where your average soaps and detergents fail alcohol succeeds. Pour a tiny amount of vodka on the stained area and wait for 10 mins. See results! If you are short on vodka, use the same isopropyl, which is 94% alcohol, to remove the difficult coffee stains. Similarly, you can clean the marks left behind by ink, gravy, oil, makeup, and grease, using alcohol.

Cleansing smelly feet

2 girls with sexy legs doing pedicure

COVID-19 has forced us all back to the times when home remedies were all that we had for grooming. Pedicures at a spa are a long awaited dream for many. While most can make do with simply washing their feet, there are a few who can’t get away with odor. Smelly feet that result from a certain type of bacteria are an unbearable condition for someone who has it and for those around. But thanks to alcohol, even this terrible foot odor can be cured.

Substituiting vanilla extract

In the middle of baking a cake and remember that you missed out buying vanilla extract from the grocery? You can use a dash of Bailey’s to get a burst of flavor that’s kind of similar to vanilla. Or, you could go for Bourbon, Brandy, or even rum.

Keeping the germs away

We’ve all switched to sanitizers. And, it seems like it’s a trend for life. Imagine how much water we are saving using sanitizers in place of the regular soap.

Bidding snails in your backyard goodbye

Got some beer fermenting away? Use it to bid good riddance to the snails that have quietly crept into your backyard. Fill a jar lid with beer and bury it to soil level. Snails are drawn to the yeast inside the beer and over-indulge in intoxication. What a way to drown!

Giving your dry hair the shine they deserve 

Park Avenue noticed how beer can bring back the lustre to dull tresses and made a super awesome shampoo out of it. However, you don’t need to buy it and can do with leftover beer in the fridge to get that extra volume, bounce, and shine. Worried about the smell? Add a dash of lemon grass essential oil to your beer before washing.

Glazing that thanksgiving Turkey

What’s a Thanksgiving party without a Turkey feast – regular dinner, right? If you’ve made so much of an effort to get a whole Turkey and serve it to your very dear family and friends, why not make a tad effort more? Just before you pop it in for cooking, glaze it with vermouth and a generous amount of butter. It would surely turn out to be the ultimate showstopper at your Thanksgiving and praises will keep pouring.

Resurrecting dead car battery

Now, this one is tricky and I would recommend to try it only after watching a few tutorials on how to use red wine to bring your car battery back from the dead. Use all the necessary precautions – wearing gloves, safety goggles, using a slim beak funnel to pour the wine into the battery, etc. And, most importantly not ending up drinking it as you pour it in the car battery.


Had a great time learning some ways to use alcohol intelligently? Have more tips and tricks to share? Share and comment to share your love for this magical substance.

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