Camera Shy? Here are Tips on How To Get Over The Fear of Camera

Camera Shy? Here are Tips on How To Get Over The Fear of Camera

You are someone who prefers working behind the camera and not in front of it. However, you have a loving and caring girlfriend who wishes for an engagement photo shoot to make this day special and you’ve begrudgingly agreed to make her happy.

You don’t want to ruin her excitement by telling her that you do not want to go through the entire experience of awkward posing and the fake smiles, so you’ve decided to suck it up and do it anyway.

After a lot of contemplation, you give your consent with the thought that it would be a new experience and the best part being that you have a chance to make her happy.

We have shared below some brilliant tips so that you can actually enjoy the shoot instead of being worried about it-

Plan well in advance

How to get over the fear of being camera shy

If you are not comfortable with the thought of the photo shoot ask your girlfriend for some time so that you can digest the thought and think about it for a while.

Once you are done contemplating about it share your feelings with her so that she also understands your state of mind.

Then, you can start looking for photographers and their work so that you get familiar with the concept of the photo shoot. Try choosing a photographer who has a history of cliché poses and themes because you definitely do not want to pose them.

Instead, search for a company which allows you to choose a unique theme like F1racing or racing bathtubs. This way, you can opt for an exceptional photo shoot and also enjoy it rather than being afraid of posing.

For this, you have to get in touch with event management companies as they can suggest you perfect activities as per your choices. To learn more about such activities click here.

Seek trustworthy companies

There are several companies which offer you good photography services. However, you have to take into consideration several factors which ensure that you have the best photo album. You not only have to choose a good photographer but also an appropriate venue.

You have to make sure that your photographer is calm because there is a possibility that you may have a tough time while posing or getting the perfect click.

This is one particular reason why you must contact companies which you are familiar with or have been a part of the industry since a really long time.

Practice! Practice!

Since you are pre-planning the entire shoot you still have time to learn how to pose and get comfortable with the entire process.

For instance, you become conscious while smiling in front of the camera, but you can practice it every day so by the day of the shoot you are comfortable with this act.

To make yourself more relaxed you can click several pictures on your phone to ensure that you have the appropriate smile and not a creepy one. The simplest and the best way to get a good picture is to keep your jawline and eyebrows relaxed when you smile.

Comfortable dress

There is a possibility that the photographer may ask you to wear a certain type of clothes which makes your photo shoot look more appealing.

How to get over the fear of being camera shy

However, if you are uncomfortable wearing a particular type of clothing you can always stick to the line of clothing you feel relaxed in.

If you feel that the shade of your lipstick is too loud or your dress is extremely short you can inform the photographer about it and wear the set of clothes that suits you.

To avoid any last minute goof-ups you can always choose clothes you are going to wear a couple of days prior to the day of the shoot. This will save you from wasting a lot of time on the day of the shoot and you will be able to enjoy it.

Possibly, you can arrange them in the same order as you are supposed to wear them.

Try to be less worried

Every photographer is proud of their clients when they pose confidently in front of the camera. But, if you are shy and can’t muster enough confidence to stay calm in front of the camera make sure that you reach early at the venue.

The venue and its surroundings might become familiar by the time you start shooting and you appear to be less restless. Do not sweat because that will perhaps prolong your shoot which you obviously don’t want.

An experienced photographer can easily pick your nervousness and will encourage you to do well.

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