5 Essential Things You Should Do After Every Workout

5 Essential Things You Should Do After Every Workout

Most fitness freaks or even the beginners are all fully aware of the importance of warming up before working out, and invest considerable time doing it to that end. But, the post workout recovery is just as important and often gets ignored, even by the seasoned gymmers.

Apart from stretching out and cooling down, there are several other techniques you can apply in order to recover faster and more efficiently.

Let’s take you through 5 simple and essential steps that are required to be performed after every workout.

Cool down before leaving the gym

Once you are done with the last set, it is not time to leave the gym just yet. First, you need to cool down your muscles, which will take as long as the warmup, from 10 to 15 minutes. And, there’s more to it than just sitting idle and letting your body do the work, again.

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You can do some yoga stretching, traditional stretching, or even run a bit on the treadmill. Do you have a gym buddy with you? Fantastic, your options have just widened. Gym buddies don’t just help you stay motivated for more rigorous and longer workouts but can also prove to be highly motivational when it comes to giving you that push that you need to stay back for a while and indulge in some activities that are aimed at cooling your body down.

Finally, whether you have a buddy or not, you also have the option to just stand on a stepper and do some exercises for strengthening your calves. This exercise can be performed on stairs if you lack a proper stepper.

A relaxing shower

Alongside drinking water, you can use it to take a shower. This should be done immediately after finishing the training session. Scrub hard and more importantly, prepare a set of clean clothes. Hopefully, you are going to sweat a lot so you need clean clothes after every workout. Also, wash your exercise garment as soon as possible because the machines you grab at the gym are full of germs.

Foam rolling?

You have probably noticed those weird soft rollers lying around. They are made from foam and one of their main applications is post workout stretching out. All you need to do is place one of these rollers against a wall or on the floor and roll your back across them. They will iron out all the bumps that might have accumulated on your muscles. In fact, you can use this procedure as a warmup technique as well.

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Although, they might be quirky looking and oddly colored, foam rollers are very useful post workout tools that help you relax.

Staying hydrated

One of the most important aspects of exercising is drinking enough liquid. While sipping from a water bottle while exercising is enough to stay hydrated, you need stronger post workout drinks during the cooling down process. They are usually loaded with amino acids that are dissolved in water and they quickly restore your energy levels. If you’re aiming for a quick recovery, then post workout drinks are the ideal solution. If you don’t like the taste of supplements in powder, then you can always add some fruit to the mix for improved flavor.

Doing the paperwork

Believe it or not, but if you wish to be a successful bodybuilder, the post workout routine involves some office work as well. Joking aside, you should track your progress immediately after the workout. You can use traditional pen and paper to record your progress. If you have access to a computer, then an Excel spreadsheet will do just fine. However, the most high-tech way to monitor progress is the use of one of the fitness apps that the market is full of nowadays.

Once you include these 5 essential things in your post workout routine, you will pave the path to more efficient exercising. By cooling down, drinking some protein shakes, and hitting the shower, you are speeding up the recovery process.

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