Four of the Most Patriotic Things You Can Do

Four of the Most Patriotic Things You Can Do

As a country’s citizen, it’s easy to forget what’s so great about your country and wonder why outsiders are so in awe of it. If you’ve lived in a place your whole life, it starts to get lackluster after a while, and you often need other people to remind you what a great country you live in. Instead of waiting for tourists to annoy you with their pictures, how about trying some activities that are bound to remind you of what a great country you live in? Here are four incredibly patriotic things you can do to take in the majesty of your country again.

Visit landmarks.

Every country has special landmarks that are woven into its history and culture. These physical spaces are often used as representations of how far the country has come, and citizens visit them to remind themselves of what a great country they live in. Capitals are awesome examples of this, as you won’t get a more American building than the White House. Besides these capitals, there are also sites like the Grand Canyon that inspire both awe and admiration in all who visit.  You can even make an entire day out of it, complete with hikes and picnics.

Honor traditions.

Most countries have traditions that are best known to their citizens. In America, one of these is the Sunday night football. Even though it’s not in the constitution, you’d be surprised by how widespread the observation of this thrilling event is. Another tradition is to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving. Even though nothing stops anyone from celebrating the season with other foods, turkeys and Thanksgiving in America just seem to have a strong and unbreakable bond. The good news is that it’s a very common tradition, and nothing will make you feel better than the Thanksgiving turkey. The bad news is that turkeys will dread Thanksgiving for many generations to come.

Celebrate national holidays.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, in America, celebrating national holidays like Independence Day or Labor Day is one of the most American things you can do. Holidays like these are loaded with fanfare, parades, fireworks, and lots of energy. While other countries may not be excited about building floats and launching fireworks, they take their national holidays just as seriously and are more than likely to celebrate them in style. The effect of this is so powerful that even if you’re homesick, you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as an American and immediately feel better.

Brand your space.

This is arguably the most patriotic activity on this list. It’s also a widespread one, as you’ll often see people with branded items walking up and down the street, even when they are away from their countries. For example, the American flag is a symbol of the country and what it stands for, which is why people mount tall flagpoles in front of their houses to display their love for the game country. Also, accessories like American flag skull rings are very popular and scream, “I love America.” There are also bumper stickers and Independence Day floats. The truth is there are tons of options available when it comes to branding your area with your country’s emblem.

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