How To Copyright Your Music The Right Way

How To Copyright Your Music The Right Way

Music is like the voice of soul and innumerable musicians are there (throughout the world) who keep on developing music and releasing it, according to their comfort and convenience.

If you are one of them, then a number of platforms are available (both online and offline), where you can launch your music whenever you want.

Perhaps you know that if you are about to launch your music, you mandatorily copyright it in order to keep it safe and protected. However, an unfortunate truth is that most of the artists are unaware of the concept of music copyrighting and the method of protecting their work.

All the artists, looking for launching their music, need to be aware of the copyrighting procedure for their song. Those, who want to copyright their music, must submit their song in order to fulfill the copyright process. The instructions specified below will help such artists in following the correct steps:

Getting Prepared for the Overall Process

An important thing that all of these artists must remember is that prior to filling as well as submitting the particular forms to the respective government, they need to check each and every important matter related to this procedure. Some noteworthy things are:

  • Song information
  • Lyrics
  • Split sheets for each and every music
  • MP3’s

Aforementioned things are very important that each song needs to contain whenever it dispatch for copyright.

Making an Account

These artists need to go for the respective option “new user” in order to create the account. After initiating the creation procedure of an account, they will be prepared for filling in the specific details. It is essential to enter correct and valid information, such as Name, Country, Address, Phone details, and so on.

Getting Started for New Copyright Registration

After the completion of the login process, the artists will be started to initiate the procedure of new copyright registration.

When they are getting started, it is very important to tap the particular option “Register new claim”, placed on the left-hand side of the particular section.

According to the instructions of the registration procedure, the respective artists must select the correct option in order to register one work.

The Copyright office will ask them for the payment of the fee prior to uploading the file for the particular songs.

Uploading Work

After the successful submission of the payment, the respective website will request the artists to upload their files. Another worth noting point is that it will permit limited size for uploading. If you feel, you can compress files and then proceed to the next step. After the completion of this process, they need to click “Upload Complete” option.

Now, the application submission has been completed. The review will take a couple of months.

Most of the artists are not familiar with the procedure of copyrighting their music, but now the aforementioned steps have been given and with its help, people can upload their songs for the procedure of copyrights.

Protect your creation with copyright process and make it a big success.

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