Monsoon Mess: The 1 Fashion Mistake Men Must Avoid

Monsoon Mess: The 1 Fashion Mistake Men Must Avoid

The bloom, the greenery and the alluring beauty of nature is already knocking at the door. The monsoon has arrived indeed.

But all in life isn’t as picture perfect as you’d like. With rains, the risk of staining your clothes as gone up. Yup, life isn’t perfect, but the fashion quotient can be. This is a basic in today’s age when fashion takes the front seat in every aspect of life.

With rainy season upon us, you surely get a break from the blistering heat, but not from the fact that you need to look your best. So, for all the fashion crusaders out there, listed below are some of the styling mistakes that men mostly make during the rainy season. Gear yourself with the blunders and stay stylish throughout the season.

“Stay dapper with hair gel”

Hair gel is undoubtedly a staple for most of the fashion oriented laborers around. In fact, gel to few men as eyeliner is to most of the ladies. However, it can make your hair greasy. Also, they can form lumps on your scalp and thus not let it breathe. The long term effect of this can lead to dandruff.

Are you guilty of any such monsoon fashion messes? Share your views with us in the comments below.

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