Swimsuit Guide for Every Shape – Girls, Rock that Sexy Bikini to Turn Heads

Swimsuit Guide for Every Shape – Girls, Rock that Sexy Bikini to Turn Heads

As expensive as a holiday in some of the hottest beach destinations of the world, such as Australia, might turn out, the fact remains that it continues to stay on top of the mind when you sit down and plan a vacation overseas.

When you think of Australia, the first images that your mind conjures up are of the beautiful and long stretches of beaches and some of the very best diving spots.

Also, Australia gets major brownie points from tourists and nature lovers alike for housing the largest coral reef in the world, what we know as the Great Barrier Reef. So, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that people from all across the globe would save their money and put plans in place in much advance just so they can give themselves a chance to visit the country that’s home to some of the most stunning beaches of the world.

Now, having saved all the money and having created that much-planned itinerary for the Australia trip, what should be in your plan bucket next? Swimsuits!

A classy, hot, head-turner of a bikini that you can wear to the beach and feel sexy about yourself. There is no ‘right shape and size’ for a bikini. If you are a female, you have to rock a bikini.

Protruding Tummy

Tummy pouches are a common thing and probably the reasons for most women, who want to slip into a bikini, opting for loose clothes that fully cover their body.

To begin with, you are sexy with that pouch too. But, if hide that stomach you must invest in swimsuits that come equipped with peplums, as they do a good job of hiding the stomach. You can also opt for a one-piece suit with a low plunging neckline just so the upper part of your body is highlighted. 

For Small Chest

Women with smaller breasts find it majorly hard to get the confidence to carry a bikini. One, it’s your body and you can make it look sexy with just the right attitude, but if you want your breasts to look fuller in a bikini, you can go for swimsuit tops that have ruffles or layered embellishments. These types are proven to give an effect of bigger breasts. Or, you can also try a swimsuit with padding.  

For Fuller Breast

Got big breasts? I feel you! It can get especially hard for a woman with bigger breasts to slip into a bikini and ensure those creepy stares.

First things first, avoid string bikinis and the bikini tops that have those triangle shapes in tiny size. Rather, you must look for the bikini tops that are equipped with underwire – and always go for the full cup sizes. Also, make sure you buy swimwear with thicker straps.

Athletic Body

It can sometimes get a little tricky for women with athletic bodies to appear feminine. Now, it’s not mandatory by any means. If you want to carry the athletic body your own way, please go on, girl.

But, if you choose to appear more feminine and sultry, you can pick swimmers with padded tops and well-defined cups. It would be especially useful if you pick bright colours and feminine prints to conceal the boyish figure underneath.  

Short Torso

Lifting your bustline should be on top of your mind if you have a short torso. The swimwear for girls with short torso should make them look longer, which means you can go for the low-rise bottoms that can give out an illusion of a longer torso. To make it look even more convincing, you can complement it with halter straps, so that the eyes are drawn to your shoulders and neck.

If you pick a tiny bikini, it won’t only give you an elongated look for the midsection, but draw the eyes towards the other parts of your body. 


When it comes to fully enjoying beaches, you have to wear a swimwear that fits your body’s natural shape. Not only does it make you look attractive, but you can stop worrying about how you are looking when indulging in activities like water sports. So, girls, put your worrying cap away and get going. Time to look like a sexy siren.

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