WHATEVER HAPPENED to Good Cinema: 5 Worst Movies by Great Actors

WHATEVER HAPPENED to Good Cinema: 5 Worst Movies by Great Actors

Grace has it that the criticism of acerbic turnouts be done at once AND in chock-full vigour. The downbeats be tossed up high in the air. BUT the dust be left to settle down for itself and settle down quick.  For why shall one lament the sour grapes, when one can care for the wine?

Call it a box-office miss or poor cinema, the fast-track times are over-occupied with excellence. Losers stand no chance! However, what happens when the hit heroes deliver a bad movie….

Well then, either you have a flop-material making a million bucks or more at the box-office..

..or you have ‘aam admi’ pour his heart out on blogs, review sites, and myriad other media (read: Facebook and occasional offline gossips).


There are times when a certain superstar doesn’t turn down a project that was destined to be a flop. Lucky producers of disappointers – they gather the audience from far and near using a pleasantly surprising star cast! Watch out as we disinter the corpses of doomed cinematic pursuits.

  1. RUNNER RUNNER: WHATEVER HAPPENED to Ben-Affleck after just having won an Oscar! And then there was Justin Timberlake in the movie. Did they both seriously, desperately need this catastrophic blow AND THAT TOO AT A POINT OF TIME WHEN THEIR CAREERS WERE AT THE CREAM?
  2. CHENNAI EXPRESS: Seems like SRK really believes that the world is going to end soon. For, there couldn’t be any other reason that he wouldn’t take something seriously. WHATEVER HAPPENED to the phrase ‘wisdom comes with experience’? Seriously SRK, did KJo trick you into this one?
  3. THE WORDS: WHATEVER HAPPENED to heart-throb Bradley Cooper, thank god he had Silver Linings coming his way soon after. As far as a good guess goes, we believe that Cooper was on signing spree when he seconded for a murky flick ‘THE WORDS’.
  4. BESHARAM: It seemed a promising entertainer in promos, but then WHATEVER HAPPENED in the actual movie was just what its tagline summed it up as – “No yearning for respect, no fear of humiliation”. This one was actually a flop at the box-office and fell of pretty hard and fast.
  5. THANKSKILLING: No wonder you haven’t heard about this one at all. After all, people never pay heed to a turkey that kills. A talking turkey capable of committing murders is nonsensical, and so is this movie. WHATEVER HAPPENED to the whole cast and crew! Did they really have to use a turkey? I mean I could eat it.

Just like all good movies, not all bad movies are created equally bad. Refer to, for example, a Ramp Gopal Verma flick and any other random bad movie listed as a flop on the internet. Care to watch?

Shivangi Sharma
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