Why Are Clothing Subscription Boxes Becoming More Popular

Why Are Clothing Subscription Boxes Becoming More Popular

American consumers are signing up more often for clothing subscription boxes. Why are they becoming more popular? 

If you are considering a clothing subscription box, here is some interesting information about the popularity of these items below. 

First, a McKinsey study found that the total subscription eCommerce business is worth about $10 billion today. The study also found that the average subscriber has two clothing subscriptions and may have others. This fact points to one reason why these subscriptions are popular: Once a person gets an idea of how convenient a subscription box is, they tend to get hooked on them. 

Second, the study found that people like clothing subscription boxes because of the replenishment of their wardrobe. This is all about convenience. Who does not like getting something they buy all the time delivered to their doorstep every week – especially in this era of COVID-19 and social distancing? It is really nice to not have to go to the mall or shopping center and shop for hours and take risks with your health. 

People also tend to get decision fatigue after buying things for a while. Once you set up a clothing subscription, you only have things sent to you that meet your tastes. So, the decision process about what to keep and what to send back is easier. Everything in the box already is something you might like, so people tend to have an easier time making decisions. 

Third, some subscribers like the boxes for access. This means they want to be part of the community and get bonuses and discounts. They only way to get some items is to be a subscriber to the service. 

Fourth, and this is most important, most clothing subscription box customers like curation. They like to be surprised by what has been selected for them. The anticipation and act of opening the box is a big deal for many people. If the company can get customers to anticipate what is coming in the box each month, you will have more people buying your products. 

As you can see, clothing subscription boxes are popular and becoming even more so. People enjoy the convenience of having items chosen based on their tastes brought to their front door. Having a surprise each month with new clothes is something many people enjoy. Also, people are more cautious about going shopping with COVID-19 going on. So it all adds up to these services becoming more popular. 

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