You Love to See Drama in Other’s Lives!

You Love to See Drama in Other’s Lives!

It’s 6 p.m. in the evening and you’re in college. Your lectures have just gotten done and you’re in the canteen with your classmates. Most of them vent out their frustrations about future presentations, fights with their friends or worse, competitors. And the best of all issues; personal lives.

Sasural Simar Ka
Drama Simar Ka

It’s 11 p.m. in the night and you’re out with your friends. Some of them are passed out drunk and others are happy high. Some are the life of the conversations, whereas others, are party poopers.

Then there are those special bunch of people who get categorized under the ‘Emotional’ lot. One sob story after another. How she has no idea where her future is headed and how he feels as if he is bound to be forever alone.

It’s 2 a.m. in the night. You’re busy watching YouTube videos when you get a call from that someone who is broken or in other words, has mood-swings.

The break up stories begin and the reminiscing of the beautiful exes; the one that got away, become the hot topic of the conversation. You end up consoling the poor lad and sleep only at 5 a.m.

Why exactly does one have to listen to their friends cry about the same person they love again and again? What do we gain in the knowledge of knowing that someone is a back-stabber or that someone cheated on their boyfriend with their best friend?

Why does it peak our interest when we find out that someone who once had everything is now drinking themselves to depression or that the popular girl’s father is now broke?

Maybe it’s because for those few moments of listening to the drama in other’s lives, you can escape your own issues. It helps you forget that you have your own problems to solve.

Or maybe, you have had so many problems in the past and all of a sudden you’re free of them. You have nothing wrong happening in your life and your content.

The happiness tends to increase when you know that someone else is not in the current mindset or share the same emotion. This is because of our need to be selfish in this cruel world that we live in where it is the constant need to be better than the others.

When you sit in a room full of people narrating their sad stories and in your heart you know, that you are genuinely drama-free, that’s when you become a good listener.

And a little gossip never hurt anyone.

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